Photography and infographic are topics that never fail to elicit a high degree of interest. Capturing images of happy moments or even ones that can evoke horror and vile amongst the general population are part of life, all intended to capture the moments that the world goes through. Some photographs of war or assassinations of leaders hold iconic stature. Infographic though is somewhat different from photography. It is a form where graphics and visual presentations are made of information and text so that the reader can easily grasp its full implications.

Both these have a crucial role to play in society – photography both on the professional level and as a hobby of amateurs and infographic as a potent tool in the hands of trained technicians. Bringing both to the forefront in all their manifestations is the very purpose of our blog site

We deal extensively on the subject of photography and visitors to our site can gather a wealth of knowledge on it. Staring from what can help amateurs become experts in photography to tips to professionals is all covered by us. Our contributors are all masters in this field who have made a name for themselves in this profession. We also offer specialised know-how on say wedding photography, sports photography and other types of commercial photography. On the other side of the spectrum, our team go to the basics for potential photographers and offers tips starting from choosing the right equipment to get started off.

To make our site more meaningful and significant, we invite write-ups and blogs from those who have a passion for photography and would want to add to the existing skill sets of our readers. Topics can range from basic tips to equipment to specialised photography. Experts in designing infographic can write in about the technicalities on the subject so that our readers can learn from the blogs and add to their knowledge bank.

Any blog on this topic is welcome provided it is related to this niche. We will inform writers through email once their blogs are published on our site.