Using Infographics

What exactly is Infographics and how can using them judiciously in content make for an increased awareness of the subject? In simple terms, infographics collects information and data and represents them in easy to understand visuals which can be in the form of charts, maps or images. It helps to unwind complex issues into graphics to take advantage of the fact that almost 90% of the information that we remember for long is usually sourced from a visual aid. A simple visual is generally more effective in spreading brand awareness than a thousand words and this is where infographics are very useful.

Here are some reasons why infographics is such a powerful medium for carrying forward a message.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Infographics are created through an optimised usage of content, colour, font size, images and movement and hence have an attractive aesthetic appeal of their own. Further, a lot of text does not stay within a short attention span as much as a single image does since human beings tend to remember images longer than text. Therefore to make an impact, an infographic with summarised text drawn from content is very effective.
  • Shared more – In today’s digital environment that relies heavily on tools and technologies to spread brand awareness, an infographic is a better advertising and marketing method than the traditional ones. An infographic gets shared quicker and faster on social media platforms and websites than text. This is because any Infographic on a WordPress blog or website has a code incorporated in it which allows easy and automatic sharing from any site to another. Hence there is always a better chance of an infographic becoming viral much earlier than the same information in purely textual form.
  • Improved SEO – Use of infographics in a website goes a long way in increasing its online presence and visibility. With higher rankings on results pages of major search engines, there will be a corresponding increase in traffic to the site, leading to more conversions, sales and brand awareness. It is why any SEO company in Australia offering a range of digital marketing services in Melbourne or in any other city or State in the country will use infographics liberally in website design and development. This is also because infographics generally get more links from other sites as people want to share it. Hence the very purpose of SEO which is to increase online traffic and create back links is fulfilled.
  • Increased brand awareness – It has been seen that infographics get to be shared more than blogs and articles with written text only. Hence, graphics that has brand information and data helps to spread the message faster and on a wider platform online. Also, infographics with specific logo, schemes and colour are visually pleasing and remain etched in public memory for long. Hence infographics helps to seamlessly connect a particular brand with its specific logo and images, making it instantly recognisable in any form or media.
  • Simplified complex ideas – Complex ideas often need a lot of written words to simplify it for comprehension of the common man. But an infographic systematically breaks down all the information, extracts crucial and relevant data from it and presents it in a tabular and graphic form. Further, comparative tables help to quickly differentiate between the unique properties of a brand with that of competitors. This gives a clear picture of the benefits of a brand over others in an easy-to-understand manner.

These are some of the positive impacts of using infographics to project products and services offered by businesses and corporate houses through their websites.